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The Grove Restaurant & Bar
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15300 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Milwaukie OR 97267
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September Birthdays

1st: Tony F 3rd: Celest F 4th: Sue & Becky M
5th: Mona & Haley H 6th: Durwood B
7th: Katie H, Candace M 8th: Donna
10th: Marlene B and the Olinger Girls
11th: Rhiannah L, Brandon D and DOROTHY!
12th: Cassandra W, Ron M and Gary G
16th: Jennfer C
17th: Merton E Courtney H & Darrell C
18th Jody T & Rick L 23rd: Tammy P, Holly F 24th Brian B 25th: Christy T Cheryl C and Rotten!
27th; Ed V 28th Stella B

29th: Jena M 30th: Ron W
Happy August Anniversaries:

1st: Mr. & Mrs. Martin
4th: Mr. & Mrs. Haack
6th: Brent & Kristine
9th: Mr. & Mrs. Guinn
and Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt
12th: Mr. & Mrs. Eades
13th: Mr. & MrsMacPerson
15th: Mr. & Mrs. Griffith
21st: Mr. & Mrs. Anderson
22nd: Mr. & Mrs. Sternerg
25th: Mr. & Mrs. King
27th: Mr. & Mrs. Oathes
30th: Mr. & Mrs. Manning
and Mr. & Mrs. Schneider
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