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The Grove Restaurant & Bar
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15300 SE McLoughlin Blvd
Milwaukie OR 97267
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Happy November Birthdays;
1st: Liz D, 2nd Roni S,
3rd Cindy T, Cathy L, Seanna E & Jaime K,
4th: Diana M, 5th: Chris B, Andrea S & Arthur N,
6th: Jason F 9th: Rich L,
11th: Andrew D, 12th:Brandi M
15th: Marie G, 16th: Lynette K,
17th: Jason C & Cathi B
19th Michael G, 20th: Amanda M
22nd Dan M, 24th Tiffany E,
25th: Lance J, Michael L & Ashley R
26th: Pat O, & Chelsea B
27th: Chuck M, 28th: Mitch S & Darren J
Happy Anniversary:

6th: Brouillette
1th: Goodenough
14th Savy
19th: Dewitz

Grove Anniversary to:
Jesse's return
Alan & Daniel